Metal robust construcion

Several shapes and sizes

Tested to protect and to be transported

Of easy usage

Of easy maintenance

Containers of “corten” steel construction, inferior structure in steel crossbars. Wooden floor in marine plywood resistent to humidity and infiltrations.

Built for navigation and tested for transportation, without danger of deformity. They usually hold two doors on the top (the more narrow side) and they can be adapted and transformed for various projects.

Commonly used in the transportation of goods but with adaptation to multiple functions such as: Toolrooms, Warehouses, Civil Construction, Works, Workshops, Events, Housing, etc.

Solutions for the most diverse spaces and in several “Standard” shapes of 20’ and 40’, which can be adapted and altered for various projects.

Dimensions and Plants

Types of Containers

Advantages and Solutions

  • Space of storage in the building yards or companies facilities.
  • Operating workshops
  • Packaging and transport of "special" goods
  • Mobility and speed of placement on sites
  • Possibility of being superposed for space saving
  • Coupling or superposition for creation of major areas
  • Adaptation to diverse needs with diverse alterations such as: door assembly, windows, isolations, electrical installation, sanitary installations, etc.
  • Equipments assembly in the interior or solutions for several purposes.
  • Possibility of the most diverse shapes (1m to 12m)